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Winter can't come fast enough and never lasts long enough.  Likewise, no run is fast enough or lasts long enough. But with snow on the ground and the right equipment at your feet (and everywhere else), there is bliss around each turn, and satisfaction at the end of every run. And during those magical, powdery months, there is no limit to how hard we will push ourselves to make the most of every moment.


The freedom to decide in the middle of the chair life ride, whether you’re going to race down the front or freeride down the back of the mountain. The freedom to pull out of a multiple-G-turn and veer to the left into a virgin couloirs. The freedom to go for one last full speed run on twilight ice as the sun sets behind the peaks you’ve ridden.

Freeski/ Big Mountain

There is a mindset that fits into the crown, follows the path, and stays in the box. And then there’s the personality who dies for the challenge and lives for freedom. Those who see skiing as a test of skill, and something of fate. Or as the ultimate form of expression. In man-made, in natural, and sometimes super-natural terrain. Freeriding and freestyle are brothers from different mothers. So is there attitude. And so is our equipment.


A hundredth of a second isn't the difference between first and second, it's the difference between winning and nothing at all. If you race, you understand. A centimeter is the grandest of canyons, and there’s no such thing as fast enough. But thanks to our athletes and their insatiable demand for more speed, better speed, and fast speed, we’re all going a lot quicker. This is trickle-down technology at its finest. Though anything that fast could hardly be called a trickle.


True love for skiing is unconditional. It’s not about flawlessness, prettiness, or prowess. It’s about expressing yourself, not impressing others. Faith moves mountains, confidence skis them - from daybreak until nightfall.

Whatever your line and your limit: The right equipment will turn bad weather into good karma, terrible hair days into big air days, and I-don’t-want-to-run-days into ounces of pure, striking gold.


The concept of being <<in the moment>> is something only grown-ups strive for. Because when you’re young, there simply is no other state. Here and now is everything that counts. This jump. That turn. This achievement. But also this pain. This cold. This fear. Kids are instant and fierce judges of the quality of their equipment. When it doesn’t work, before you know it, the entire family is back in the car and on their way home. Getting it right is paramount. To us. For you.

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