AR SERIES: The all-new 2014 Felt AR redefines aerodynamics for road bikes.


F SERIES: The F Series is Felt’s lightest and stiffest road bike family.


Z SERIES: The Z Series is Felt’s most versatile road bike family. 


ZW SERIES: The ZW Series is a genuine woman-specific road bike series.


The IA joins the Olympic gold medal proven, UCI-approved, Felt DA with its new, quicker and more versatile Bayonet 4 steering system. The DA is one of the most successful triathlon and time trial bikes in history with an unrivaled winning record. The Felt TT/Tri family is rounded out by our very popular Felt B and S Series bikes. Together they are the most complete triathlon bike line offered by anyone.







TK 1: The 2014 TK1 represents the pinnacle of world-class track machines.


TK 2: For those addicted to the boards, the Tk2 features our Aero Track UltraLite Custom Butted 7005 aluminum frameset. 


TK 3: With an Aero Track UltraLite Custom Butted 7005 aluminum frame and an Aero Track UHC Performance carbon fiber fork, the Tk3 is a light and stiff track-ready rig.


FX SERIES: Felt’s FX line represents the pinnacle of cyclocross bicycle design.

With it's fine-tuned 'cross specific frame geometry that delivers on any course, you will clime, carve, shoulder and drop-in like a pro.



VERZA FIT SERIES: If you are looking for a bike with the benefits of a quality road bike, but with a more comfortable, upright position, the Verza Fit is the perfect solution.


VERZA PATH: The Verza Path is designed to get you where you want to go comfortably and efficiently.

VERZA CITY: A bike that blends the efficient ride quality of a road bike with the comfortable, upright position of a mountain bike. 


CAFE SERIES: The Felt Café is the bike that cuts through the clutter. These are the most versatile everyday bicycles Felt has ever built. Using design elements from the '60's and '70's the Café line is a unique blend of utility and modern technology.